We organize many different events and we try to also take it outside of the Internet. Most of the events can be attended and done online, but some of the events occur in the real world.


Supervisor Meetings

The supervisors and organizers meet online at least once a month. These meetings ensure that any problems are addressed and it is also where new events and activities are born.

The Philippine Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention

15 November @ Glorietta Activity Hall

All of our members are invited to attend this annual convention on all things Harry Potter and Hogwarts. It is one of the biggest Harry Potter conventions in the world. Not to be missed.

Twenty Years Later – Where are They Now and What Does the Future Hold?

22 August Online Discussion @ 10 AM

Anyone who is interested in taking part in this discussion is welcome. We have two experts talking about what has happened in the last twenty years since the first book was released. We also touch on potential new projects from JK Rowling and where the Harry Potter stars are today.

Speculations, Alternative Endings, Mysteries, and More

5 September Online Discussion @ 12 PM

A discussion about what people have speculated about the characters and events, alternative endings, and all the mysteries that we have not yet found answers to. Everyone is welcome to join this online discussion.

Beedle the Bard Book Discussion

20 September Online Discussion @ 7 PM

Beedle the Bard has been published and we are all very excited. We have a great online discussion and live reading of the stories that were fairy tales in the wizarding world.

For more information on future events and how to take part or earn points for your house, please contact us