Facts about Harry Potter

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The publisher has to be listed as Bloomsbury at the base of the title page. The books are translated into approximately 70 unique languages. The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling are among the most popular collection of all times that has resulted in fans all around the world. The mystery is a lot more entertaining than the rest of the ones, especially the previous one. The entire plot is quite intriguing and all the new characters are wonderful. Buy your Harry Potter wand or some other character you enjoy the most!

Interesting Facts That All Harry Potter Book Fans Must Know

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The Harry Potter books have been called a phenomenon and have won several awards and thousands of fans across the world. People of all ages enjoy the Harry Potter series and they love spending time with Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and all the rest. If you are a true fan, then you should know these things about the books and JK Rowling.

An eight-year-old girl was the reason the books got published. The daughter of the chair at Bloomsbury Publishing read the first book before it was even considered for publishing. She called it ‘so much better than anything else’ and was the reason the first Harry Potter book got published.

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Deathly Hallows made history. The seventh book in the series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, had the highest initial print run in history. On July 12, 2007, twelve million copies were released at midnight.

Rowling loves the parts where Harry interacts with his parents. JK Rowling has mentioned that her favorite chapter in book one was ‘The Mirror of Erised’ and in the series, it is ‘The Forest Again’. Both of these chapters involve Harry interacting with his parents.

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Hagrid is based on a real person. Hagrid’s character was inspired by a hell’s angel that Rowling had met in the West Country. Apparently, this guy was very large and came across as terrifying. However, as soon as he sat down, he would talk about his garden and his petunias.

The books can be read by almost anyone in the world. The books have been translated into approximately 70 different languages. This means that almost anyone can read and understand the books. There are even books in Latin and Ancient Greek.

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Everyone wants a piece. You will find several unauthorized sequels and translations online and in different countries. People in India and China have written their own sequels. In America, people even started changing the words to Americanisms.

There are so many more of these fantastic facts, that we may need to make this article a series. If you would like to learn more interesting and unknown facts about Harry Potter and Hogwarts, visit us again soon.