Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin: What Does Your House Mean?

Hogwarts Philippines

Being sorted into a Hogwarts house is an important part of being a Harry Potter fan. You can take quizzes online to see where you fit in. Everyone is sorted into a house based on certain characteristics. At Hogwarts, your house is your home away from home. So, once you are sorted, this is basically what it means.


Gryffindor - Hogwarts Philippines

Loyal, brave, courageous, daring, adventurous, chivalrous – those are the traits of a true Gryffindor. Gryffindors fight for what is right and they are usually the ones at the head of the pack when it comes to doing something brave or something that takes nerve. Most Gryffindors have several other good qualities that often make them well-suited to other houses. However, they choose Gryffindor because that is where they want to be.


Ravenclaw - Hogwarts Philippines

Knowledge, creativity, intelligence, wisdom, and cleverness – those are the qualities of a Ravenclaw. The smartest and most clever people can be found in this house. They always strive to do what is wise. They also have a good sense of humor and are often quirky. They lead through wisdom and they will always use their brains to resolve any situation.


Hufflepuff - Hogwarts Philippines

Loyalty, dedication, patience, fair play, and hard work – those are the qualities of a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuff students are just and true and they believe in doing what is nice. Their main purpose in life is to be kind and generous and to spare people’s feelings. They are also smart and many are very adventurous and courageous. However, their patient nature and their desire to make others happy are stronger.



Intelligent, determined, cunning, ambitious, resourceful, and prideful – those are the qualities of a Slytherin. Slytherins want to be in charge and they want to be leaders. They believe in doing what is necessary. Slytherins also have many qualities and are also well-rounded individuals like those in the other houses. Despite the fact that most evil wizards have come from the Slytherin house, not all Slytherins are evil. The main trait that all Slytherins have is pride and that sometimes makes them arrogant.

No matter which house you land in, you are sure to have excellent qualities. You will also find that you have qualities that fit with each house. Your main traits are what get you sorted.